Monday, June 17, 2013

My favourite things... Day 1

I tried this once before, and I was thinking it might be time to do it again. I am going to try to blog for the next 15 Mondays with my 15 Favourite Quilting Tools...

Today's favourite is my Thread Stand!

Well actually I have a few thread stands.

 This was my original thread stand and up until recently it was still one of my favourites. It has a weighted base and the pole is one piece and metal. I use it primarily for invisible thread, now, since I have this huge industrial spool of invisible thread which I love! Its really great for heavy spools or those gigantic spools of thread that I usually use on my Gammil.


 I discovered this thread stand and thought it was the best because I could easily put two threads on it ... but as you can see, mine is now in pieces and some of the pieces are lost.

 It actually came in pieces and I did like it when I first got it, but it broke so much that now it doesn't get used at all. it's probably on its way to the recycle bin!

I asked my DH to make me one to replace the one above, and it worked out OK, but still never became my favorite. It's really pretty and I use it sometimes when I am using my double needle, but it's not really practical.

This one I bought when we were in Newfoundland one year. My DH was a little ticked because he thought it would be a pain to bring home on the plane and didn't think I would really ever use it! It is nice except it has a few glitches. The posts are a little thick and the hooks are eyes, so it is really difficult to get the thread through them.  Not a favourite at all! (But I never did tell my DH. Wouldn't want him to know he was right...)

So that gets us to  my real favourite:

This is the Superior Thread Holder and I love it. I love it so much I am thinking about ordering another one. It is very versatile to use and extremely solid. I need a floss threader to thread it sometimes, but that's more me and my age than a problem with the thread holder.

I like it because it works well with all my machines. I just set the wire to the right height and any type of spool of thread glides through it with very few opportunities to tangle. Its a great thread holder and I use it all the time!

Here is the worksheet from the Superior Site!

I would love to hear your comments and information on your favourites or post a picture on my flicker site so I can see all your favourites. Maybe there is one that I never owned... tee hee.

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