Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 7 of the sew-a-long... NOT!

Well you know how it goes... 

You have great plans until the moment they are necessary and then they go off in a row boat!

My "Beast"... had a technical failure Saturday, which translated, means another trip to the Bernina Hospital! Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I bought that sewing machine. But then I get it home and it is so wonderful, I get over it. Not sure this time, but we will see!

Anyways, not to whine but it put me way behind on my Sew-A -Long, which I had finally gotten caught up to my sewing. So a little patience, please. I will work on it tomorrow and hopefully you will see it here some time on Wednesday!

Breaking News.

My friend Laila shared some wonderful news with me yesterday. She had entered two quilts in two different shows this month and received Viewers Choice on both of them. I was so excited for her.

Bears Paw

I quilted a quilt, identical to this one when Laila and I first met. We  became such good friends afterward. A few years later she brought this one to me. Her husband, Ed, loved all the quilting on the first one so much that Laila made another one for me to quilt. We live miles apart, not mentioning the border that has to be crossed for us to see each other. But our friendship has grown all because of this quilt!

Simple Elegance

A few years ago, when Laila and Ed were at their cottage only an hour from me,  the three of us put our heads together and designed this layout on Electric Quilt. Laila and some squares of fabric she wanted to use in a quilt and Ed wanted another quilt with lots of white space for Quilting. I had forgotten what a great design it was! It turned out beautiful!

This quilt not only won viewers choice, but it also won the Judges award at the Genesee Valley quilt Show! There were 600+ quilts in this show. What a great honour for Laila.

Great big kudo's go out to her long arm quilter, Ahem, the quilting is phenomenal! Here is some eye candy!

I am just bursting with pride! Congratulations Laila!

Finishing report... 

Another border finished on my quilt... YEAH!  Maybe I will get this done before the end of June. 


See the brown and green quilt in the center... thats mine from Quilt camp, 3 or 4 years ago... Its quilted!  just needs a binding! 


Sharon Harrison said...

I love that one that you and Aimee did..... I need to find that pattern.

AimeeDP said...

Boy we were productive that weekend...i didn't bind mine, just did an envelope fold, you do realize how many corners are on that thing, right?! YIKES!