Monday, July 1, 2013

My Favorite Tools... Sticky Stuff

I have a drawer, marked sticky stuff, that I TRY to keep all my sticky stuff in... And its full.

but not everything is my favourite...

But... Here are a few of my favourites...

First let me talk about ...

Elmers' Glue

I am the queen of Elmers' Glue. I use it for everything.

  1. Sticking zippers in place before I sew them. 
  2. Applique
  3. Attaching Applique
  4. In piecing when I need something exactly where I want it to get nice points
  5. Attaching my bindings,
  6. And much much more.. 
I like the stick sometimes, but I mostly use the small pen or the regular bottle. I have tips for them, but mostly, I just adjust the caps to work the way I want them to. Quick tip. Press lightly with your iron to dry it faster. I have never had a problem with it not washing out or leaving any discolouration. 

Other Glues

I only ever use Roxanne's Glue Baste It!.  When I am doing a ton of appliqué, I like it because it drys quickly and I can turn edges in my chair while I watch TV. 

Sticky Labels

I use a lot of sticky labels. I need them to organize my stuff in boxes, drawers and shelves. I use the round ones on cut fabric, to remind me what size they are and I use the hole protectors to hold the ends of my threads on my slippery spools of embroidery thread!


I am not a spray lover, but I do use 505 Basting Spray occasionally when I am quilting some little piece on my domestic machine. But what I really love are these spray handles that I found on someones blog a few months back... they are amazing to use, and easy to buy. Just look in the paint department of any hardware store!

Fusible Web

I love Misty Fuse. It is easy to use and I can use as little or as much as I want. And it has a very soft hand, your appliqués don't harden or get stiff. It is my favourite. I buy it by the meter and I don't think it is as expensive as other products.

Agent 007 works well for small areas you just need to permanently fuse! I don't use it much because it makes a huge mess but I use a little QTip to help me get it in place.

Household Glues and Tapes

I have lots of examples of household glues, but I have found that I like the E6000 the best for quick permanent gluing. 

Tape is tape, but I do look for the ones with the really sharp cutting edges. Nothing irritates me more than having tape twisting off the roller, as I am one handedly, trying to get a piece on a present I am wrapping or a pattern piece I am joining... Which reminds me... I really need to buy a tape dispenser! That will solve that problem!

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