Monday, July 1, 2013

Linking up to "A year of Finishes".. or not! I missed the link up by... 1 day!

Who knew!!!!

That I would have so many excuses why this quilt isn't finished...

The fact that I got sick during crunch time... you know... the time when you realize you only have a week to finish, but you have 6 months of work to do!


The time when you just get started and your machine goes on the blink! (Its back and it is sewing beautifully... lets hope it continues!)

But... I am really pleased with where I got to.

 I started this quilt in 2002 and I am really only a few days away from having it completed. As of the first of June, all the blocks and sashings had been embroidered and appliqued, but not sewn together and one long border had been appliquéd.

As of today, everything is sewn together...

All the blocks and borders were appliquéd and embroidered and 2 of 4 corners were appliquéd and embroidered...

And 1 of 4 corner butterflies has been embroidered...

The big reveal... Tada!

So much more work than I thought to finish up this quilt.  But with only a small portion of the work left to do, 3 or 4 more baseball games and I will have it finished! Go Jays Go! Thanks for the challenge!

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