Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh where of where is summer going..

This was one of my first "class" quilts, which I made 7 years ago and just got quilted last week.
I cannot believe it is the 16th of August. Summer is almost over and life is soon to get back to a routine. I am not sure I am ready to be hustling and bustling yet... but I know one thing... I am looking forward to seeing all my quilting buddies once again.

Tonight is our first Guild Executive meeting for the upcoming year. I have been on the executive for ever it seems and unless something changes in the next ten months this will be my last term. Its bitter sweet really. I loved working with the guild and making a difference ( at least I hope I made a difference). Being involved is a wonderful uplifting experience, and I am beginning to realize that a positive attitude and a helpful hand is very rewarding. I have a good friend who has started to  help teach quilting at a local interval house and every time she talks about it I see a little glimmer of pride for the women she is teaching. Sharon is making a difference in these women's lives and I can tell that her rewards are going to be greater than theirs...

Aimee cuddling under my quilt.
Last week the Nifty quilter's had their summer barbecue and I took some show and tell. My friend took my quilt as it passed by and cuddled up in it. I was sitting thinking at that moment that that is why I quilt. My quilting is almost completely utility and I love to know that people are using my quilts to wrap up in when they need some extra warmth. Every time I make a wall quilt I enjoy the experience, but the end result is never as rewarding as when I see people grab one of my quilts to cuddle in, or have a picnic on or use them for a stage for their next "living room" dance recital. That's where my joy in quilting lies.  And those moments make me glad that I am a quilter.

These last few weeks have been very busy for me. I had to exchange my new sewing machine for another one. My original Bernina  which I bought in March this year, had quite an attitude and since I have quite an attitude, we just didn't seem to get a long. I changed Bernina's and now I have the 830 which I have to say is quite a remarkable machine. This one seems to be towing the line so far and I decided to through some major sewing on it and it has been behaving quite nicely. So hopefully Big Bertha (she is so honkin' huge) and I will have a long and remarkable future.

Carlotta with my Ugly Fabric Challenge Quilt
Victor took me to a jays game a week ago and we stopped at Ikea and I found some very clever items there to add to my notions list.... more about them soon... My stepmother (wicked thing) is coming for a visit on September 12 and I am so looking forward to her being here.. .she is a quilter and we will have lots of fun times sewing up a storm while she is here. Nothing like having a visitor that doesn't mind being in your sewing room with you.... My good friend Carlotta came over 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen her in six years. She has been busy driving a transport truck all over the country with her husband. She admired one of my little quilts so I gave it to her. She said she is going to hang it in the truck  so she can see it every day... how fun! ... My daughter huffed and puffed her way to her babyshower yesterday and I have given her permission to go ahead and have this baby any time now. She is due in a little over a week so lets hope he doesn't keep us waiting tooo long... my niece is getting married in Alberta on the 28th and I won't be able to go but both my sons and their families are going so we will be well represented... my friend Laila comes back today and we are planning a nice dinner out this week to celebrate her birthday so that will be fun. And best of all, we just booked a trip to Newfoundland for the 30th of September... can't wait for that.

The beginning of Nigel's quilt
I managed to quilt a few UFOs last week and started a quilt for Nigel (my step-grandson) and made another one of my nifty totes which is just waiting for a handle and a lining and I will post a picture. I have a quilt for Dade (my grandson)  to quilt this week, (his birthday is next week) and I have some new notions I need to try so I have a very busy schedule for the next two weeks. My head is spinning with some great ideas for you this fall... so hope you will follow along on my little blogging journey. I promise I won't take another 3 week vacation for a while but I might not be here every day... so see you soon.
A small section of my "cozy quilt" which I quilted this week.


Daphne said...

Gail, When I click on the quilt pics to enlarge them they are simply opening in another page and remain the same size. Is there something you can do about this?
Thanks, Mum

Sharon said...

Glad you are back and looking forwarding to your blogs every day!!!