Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For the faithful

Square in a Square - free download from their web site... great little project!

I am taking a few weeks off to re-group and power up for what I expect to be an awesome busy sewing fall and winter. I have tried to stay right away from the computor and the sewing room has been scrubbed and re-organized and I am just about ready to get busy!!!!

Sorry, if you have been looking for my posts, but I needed this time to refresh and the fact that my daughter is expecting anytime in the next two weeks has my sewing, blogging and notion time focus right now.  Send me an email if you are one of the faithfuls @ and I will gi ve you a heads up when I am back on line... then you won't have to check every day....

Thanks for your patience... I have lots to share... soon!


Daphne said...

Goodness Gail. I didn't know my visit would cause such a frenzy. LOL

Notion Nanny said...

yes... I am busy making lists of things to do... for you... hahahaha

By the way... are you any good at windows or should I scratch that off the list... just asking?

Catswhiskers said...

lovely quilts.
I love the cat wall hanging quilt.
so cute