Saturday, September 3, 2016

School Is back in Session!

Well friends... it has been a long summer. Hot! Dry! Muggie!

And filled with children "noise". To say I am happy that school starts on Tuesday would be an understatement. Yesterday when I left my daughters house for my last full day of babysitting I did a little two step and one vey big fist pump. I checked... no one was looking.  I found this picture on the internet... it was so me yesterday!

Now I am back to being an Oma... Regular after school, making cookies, laughing and hugging and enjoying precious moments with the kids. No more nagging and reprimanding. Just normal Grandparenting. The stuff that I love! "Been there, Seen it, Done it", has become too common a phrase for me this summer. I won't miss the little spats, the tears the crying, the phrase "I'm bored", the phrase "one sec!"! Brush your teeth, comb your hair, take a shower, pick up your toys, clean up your room, put your dirty laundry in the hamper, put your dishes on the counter, get off your iPad, get dressed, eat! Get outside!... no longer a daily part of my vocabulary.

Some evenings this summer I was so tired I could hardly climb the stairs to bed. And once I got to bed, the alarm went off way to early. I totally get why we have kids young. There comes a point where no matter how much love you have in your heart, there isn't enough energy left in the body to be two people... loving grandparent and full time caregiver.

Sewing has become a bit of a distant memory although I did get a quilt made for my grandsons 8th birthday on August 29. By made I mean the top is done. Its on the frame...and next week my goal will be to get it quilted. I hope. First I need to rest! sleep! Enjoy the quiet! And get myself back to normal...whatever that is!

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