Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Great Finishing - On your Mark, Get set... (Camp part 2)

Camp continues..

This year, camp felt like we were missing someone. My dear friend Sue had gotten double pneumonia in February and several times in 6 weeks her family thought they were going to lose her. Her recovery was and is very long and very hard. I decided we should all make a quilt for her so everyone made a little 6" block and we put them together and I gave it to her on the Tuesday after the retreat was over. Rest assured... she cried!
Sue's quilt!
So remember those nickels I took... well in need of starting something new, I dug out some nickles and made this little lap quilt. It was fun and easy and It felt good to start and finish something all in one day.
Nickel fun!
Once I got home, I pulled out the top and quilted and bound it right away so it wouldn't become an #ufofinallyfinishednotquiltednotbound .
Nickel fun finished!!!

My last finish was this split nine patch which I made from a package of nickels. I started it in October 2012 at another camp.  I got all the blocks done, but that's the problem with camps. You sew like crazy and sometimes if you don't get back to it after you come home from camp those projects become UFO's or even worse... FI,IADWTP's!!! It is now a #ufofinallyfinishednotquiltednotbound. Soon

Split nine patch started in 2012

And then it was time to come home and pack up. 

To be bound

This weeks goals are to get this pile of quilts bound. The two bottom ones have been quilted for a couple of years, the top two have been quilted in the last year and the middle one has been on my bed at least ten years without a binding. I am going to bind it first... I think it deserves it!

Nickel quilt made in 2004

I am going to try my new to me Bernini 4mm flat felling foot #71 to bind these quilts. I tried it yesterday on this little gem and I have to say it was almost 100% perfect.  ( By the way, you can add this little fellow to my 2016 #UFOfinallyfinished list)

Sanfrancisco stitch company Fall 2014 Mystery
If it works on my next quilt, I will not be hand sewing any more bindings!!! Stay tuned.

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AimeeDP said...

Love how the scrappy charms turned out! Love!