Monday, June 27, 2016

The great finishing... On your mark, (Camp, part 1)

It all started the 21st of April... (I know that was a while ago).

Every year on or about that date I pack up all my stuff and head to Peterborough Ontario and go to Quilt camp. Of course there is more to it than just packing... I organize the camp so every year I have lots to do getting everyone organized to go to camp. Then I have to take time and plan what I will take. (Which always ends up being way more than I can possibly do!)

This year I planned to take UFO's (unfinished objects)... because I have a lot of them. Some I should just stop calling UFO's and start calling them FIIADWTP's!!! (forget it, I am done with this project).

So I packed up my bag(s) with several very old projects, some Nickle's (5" squares) in case I felt like completing one of several nickel projects I had started and promised myself, no trips to Fabricland while I was at camp... hence no new projects!

Being confined to a large room with 40 other quilters is plenty of motivation to work on a project, but only bringing UFO's started out feeling like a bit of a mistake. Everyone around me was working on something new. But I dragged out my first project and everyone around me jumped at the chance to remind me that I had started it many years ago at another camp.

Mystery Quilt started 2008
And so I plugged away, and before long it was done... of course there was moaning and groaning... but it was done. It came home folded neatly in my bag and is waiting to be quilted... Maybe soon!

Next out of the bag... another quilt I had started at camp, the first time I attended camp at Elim. I had bought the template and pattern on a recent trip to NFLD and decided it was going to get finished at this camp...

Newfie Quilt started September 2010

This quilt was 75% finished so I worked at getting the other 25% done. So many people asked me for the pattern, including a German Lady who came in to visit and scared me half to death. She spoke over my shoulder and I was sure it was my mother-in-law ( who died 25 or more years ago.) But we had a great chat and immediately bonded. The 25% was completed but once I brought it home to add to the rest I think it still needs 20 more blocks... They are ready to be sewn, but might be another UFO for a future camp.

My friend Aimee took a picture of me working on that Newfie Quilt... I was in a big mess!  LOL

Ok... enough for today... stay tuned for (Camp part 2)

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AimeeDP said...

I was very excited to see the beginning of these projects very excited to see the end keep up the good work Gail