Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Whats on the "sewing' Menu for today.

It's Wednesday and I try to spend the morning in my sewing room. The afternoon is usually saved for my sewing day with some friends.

I am dragging myself back to normal after last months disasters so I am headed to the sewing room in a bit to cut fat quarters for my friends, and maybe sew a little... I will let you know how I make out.

I challenged my little group of friends to finish a project they had started and today is the windup! If you finish you receive a fat quarter from everyone. If you don't finish you get nothing! Well... I will get nothing this month again!, because I didn't' get finished.

A few years ago I bought this book...

I loved the little quilt on the front and I started making it. It was my challenge, and although I have all the flowers made for the appliqué, I still have about 100 leaves to make and attach.... boo who!

I am going to start the leaves this afternoon and hopefully I will get this finished soon...

And just in case you are wondering here is a picture of the hexagon template and the template for the leaves next to a quarter.

Very very small! I will keep in touch so you can see my progress!  My friend Sheila has made the same quilt only using 1" hexagons... I think it is her finish for today... I will get a picture of them side by side...

On a lighter note... yesterday was the first day of school for my two grade 2 Grandchildren. I have tried to make it a tradition to take them each out for their first day of school. We usually go for super and a treat, but things are a little different now so we only got to go for the treat after supper... we had so much fun. they make me smile!

Tonight, its the two senior kindergarten kids... that should be fun!

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