Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Vacation is over... it's back to business

Did you miss me... I decided to take the summer off from my blog routine and get myself refocused.

Unfortunately, this was a terrible summer for me so its a good thing I had decided not to blog because you all would have ditched me! I am not going to bore you with all that went on, but I can just say, that a very good friend of mine said,... "Wow, I have never met anyone who has had as many disasters happen to them as you". Of course ... I cried! I had pretty much been crying all summer!

My beautiful new Daughter-in-law

On a Happy note... My son got married August 1st in Tulum, Mexico. The wedding was beautiful!!!!...

The weather in Mexico in August is HOT!!!! I swear the water in the ocean was warmer than most baths I have at home.

The month of July was a gong show! My son and Mariona got married in Toronto, legally, 2 weeks before we left for Mexico...
Dancing on the steps of Toronto's old City Hall

My sons best friend got married 1 week before we left for Mexico and that meant two new dresses... poor me!!!

Finding a dress for my son's wedding was difficult because it needed to be long and formal and I knew it was going to be hot!

That's me on the right in the teal dress.

I spent zero time in my sewing room in July and when we came home around the 8th of August, our world started slowly disintegrating. Again, not going to get into it! but still no real sewing!

I did manage to get my blocks done for June, July and August's "Get your Hex On" which is a little group I joined in July. I was late sending everyone their blocks, of course! But I am all caught up now.

June block
July Block
August Block
September is my turn at "Get your hex on" and I spent 3 days last week getting everything ready and mailed out. Thanks to my friend Sheila who just happened to be standing behind me at the post office when I discovered my wallet was at home on the table!!! More tears!

My block for September

She paid for my stamps, the blocks got mailed and I met up with her Friday to pay her back. What a crazy month August was, so believe me when I say... Thank God it is September.! Although I might be the only one happy about that!  LOL

My granddaughter ... hamming it up!

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