Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 6... Love love love

Last weeks 52 question was... Love Love Love...

I have had a very difficult time with this challenge because I don't think out of my box enough! I tend to find traditionally pieced blocks and things that piece quickly, in all my quilting projects and the reason I wanted to do this challenge was so that I could work with some other medium and make my blocks more interesting... So far I haven't really done that. So this week I checked to see what Dale Ann Potter did before I made mine, and cheated a little, but in retrospect I am glad I did, because I realized I could do some fun things with a little thought and a trip to Walmart!

So I went out and looked for stencils and dug out my oil paint sticks and with a little effort (didn't know you had to peel the skin off those paint sticks) I managed to complete my block. And I was very pleased with the end result.  I paper pieced the heart from EQ7 and the rest was done with a stencil I bought from Walmart and  the oil paint sticks.  I had bought some sewing related buttons a while ago and I sewed them on and my block looked great. I am very pleased with the end result.

Of course this week was Valentines and I have to tell you my husband is a little bit of a sentimental Guy!  This year he got me his usual funny card, a single red rose and a shinny red 2010 Chevy Camaro SS.  Always wanted one of those, but not quite so small... LOL

Happy Valentines (belated) to all my blogging buddies!

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