Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What happens when....

Another tote... when will it ever end...
What happens when someone gives someone a pattern that they designed or made up and that person gives a few someones a pattern and each of them gives a pattern to several of their friends and ... so on and so on... (Its like the Ever Ready battery).. pretty soon everyone has the pattern and the person who made the pattern... well no one knows who they are or where the pattern comes from by the time its been passed around.

I think I might add this as a little
freebie to my web site.. I have the pattern
I wrote up somewhere... just got to find it.
 I have to admit I have been guilty of this in the past, and I have been pretty conscience of not doing it with patterns that I have purchased, but what happens when its a  freebie that someone took from the net and gave out to a bunch of  friends who have given it to a bunch of their friends and I was wondering... who was the smart cookie that wrote that pattern to begin with... Free or not.. someone has to get credit for it... so from now on if I find any freebies, I really want to make an effort to pass that person's name on with the pattern, maybe their email address, or their blog or web page or something so my friends can possibly support that person in one of their other endeavours... now doesn't that just make sense!!!

Lets all get on the bandwagon... next time you find a freebie... pass it on with the name of the person who was smart enough to get you interested.

... And all that came from this cool blog my friend Aimee found and sent to me with a bazillion purses on it that all have links to other blogs from people who made these cool purses and shared their patterns.  How cool is the person who started that blog and gave credit to all those talented people.

I just wanted to make all those cool purses... well maybe not all, but it sure made me think... There was a bag on there that looked like my Notion Nanny Tote.. which by the way is still free on my website... but made a little different and that caught my attention because I still don't know who the original designer of the bag was... can't find any information on it, and I don't and won't even pretend that the tote is my original pattern... I just wrote notes on what I had done based on a thread catcher that someone had on their blog... which was one of the freebies I passed on to a bunch of my friends... see, its really easy to do...

Yesterday, I mentioned something about changing your needle on your machine ... regularly. What I didn't mention is that in reality you should change your needle at the end of every project, but I wonder how many people follow that rule... it would be a good thing to do!... and I mentioned that different needles don't always work as well  in different machines... A sewing machine needle made in North America may be a fraction of a silly little millimetre shorter or longer than a needle made in Europe... and a machine made in Europe may not like that silly little millimetre. Some machines will sew with any brand of needle while others will skip stitches and not play nice at all. So... it is always important to check with your Sewing Machine Expert to see which needles they recommend you use in your machine and if all else fails... read the manual!!

For a bit of fun you can go to and watch a short movie on how Schmetz needles are made... ( they just happen to be my favorite needle and the one recommended for my machine.) The beginning is rather weird.... but once it gets going it is really interesting... ( now be nice people... I all ready know I am weird!)
The pieces to Aimee's challenge... now who in their right minds gives their
friends these fabrics and tells them to make something... nice fabrics... but

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Daphne said...

I might have to make one of those totes Gail to carry home my finished quilt and table runner:)