Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Niece Stephanie, Her handsome groom Marty and my brother Gary
Well I have been off to a wedding. My niece got married in Alberta on Saturday and I had an awesome time.  It's funny how weddings draw a family together even for a short time. I enjoyed seeing all my nieces and nephews and was a little sad that I didn't live closer so I could be a bigger part of their lives. And it was nice to see my sisters and brother and mom and mum.  I came home tired and glad to see my own bed (and sewing machine) but I don't regret for a second my impromptu decision to go to the wedding.

But now it's back to business.

I already have my new desk all cluttered up!
Today has been spent mostly catching up with my daughter, the new baby and the two girls. This afternoon I got to set up my machine on my new table my husband built for me while I was away and even had a chance to do a little sewing. I tried my new Clover Soft Touch Thread Pick on some embroidery I was doing and it worked great. I like to pull my threads to the back of my work when I am doing machine embroidery... (not with an embroidery machine, just using the stitches on my machine) and tie them off and it was the perfect tool for the job.

Now I am off to have some dinner and an early night. It is extremely hot in Ontario... I hope I sleep.

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